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What Is Failure to Warn?

Manufacturers of products are not only required to make sure their products are safe and well designed, but also to make sure they warn consumers about the potential risks. When a product has the potential to cause an injury or illness, it is the legal obligation of the corporation to warn consumers of that potential. This is why products have warning labels on their packaging that describes allergies, choking hazards, and other possible dangers. When a company fails to warn the consumer, a person may suffer a devastating injury or even be killed in a fatal accident in Missouri.

Potential Dangers

There are many potential hazards that product manufacturers must consider, research, and warn consumers about. Examples of dangerous side effects include:

  • Allergic reactions: There are a number of ingredients in medications and food products to which many people may be allergic. Product manufacturers of consumable products must provide an adequate list of ingredients as well as a warning involving particularly dangerous ingredients.
  • Choking hazards: When a product has small parts or parts that can break off, it is crucial that the manufacturer warns the consumer. Children are particularly vulnerable to small items that can get lodged in their throat. Many children’s toys are recalled every year after reports of choking incidents involving young children.
  • Lead content: When a product contains dangerous chemicals such as lead or cadmium, the company must warn the consumer. There are limitations on the amount of dangerous chemicals that can be used. Toys, for example, that contain lead must make it known that lead is present and a failure to stay under the legal limit of lead will result in a recall. Lead poisoning can result in serious consequences, such as brain damage.
  • Adverse side effects: Certain medications can have adverse side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are required to list all of the potential heath risks of taking their drug. It is common for drug companies to rush a product into the marketplace before it is properly tested and before all of the known side effects are uncovered. There have even been a number of cases involving a drug company knowing of a side effect and failing to add it to their label for fear of hurting their sales.

Missouri Lawsuits Involving Failure to Warn

When someone has suffered an unexpected injury after using a product, they would be well-advised to:

  • Preserve the product
  • Seek medical attention
  • Collect information regarding how and why they have suffered
  • Contact an experienced Missouri injury attorney

All physical, financial, and emotional losses may be considered in a civil litigation case. Injured victims may pursue compensation for damages such as medical bills, time away from work, suffering, therapy fees, and in some cases, punitive damages.

Let Page Law Help With Your Missouri Failure to Warn Claim

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