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Overturned Tractor Trailer Accidents

Large trucks, more than most vehicles, are very susceptible to rollover accidents. With high centers of gravity, large trucks are particularly vulnerable in windy weather conditions and on curved ramps, where tight turns can be very difficult for truck drivers to successfully maneuver through. In the event of a Missouri tractor trailer rollover accident, it is important to have a skilled St. Louis trucking accident attorney on your side to handle the difficult aspects of your case and make sure that your rights are always upheld.

Rollover Injury and Death Statistics

In 2006, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that “53 percent of deaths among occupants of large trucks occurred in crashes in which their vehicle rolled over, compared with 59 percent of SUV occupant deaths and 48 percent of pickup occupant deaths. In contrast, 25 percent of car occupant deaths occurred in vehicles that rolled over.” Because of their high centers of gravity, more than half of all deaths among truck drivers and their passengers are the result of rollover accidents.

Rollover truck accidents pose serious danger to all motorists on the road. Many trucks on Missouri roads carry hazardous materials, which can adversely affect the outcome of a crash. That is, if fuel or another flammable substance is being transported, then the likelihood of a large explosion is very likely, and can result in grave injury for everyone in the immediate area of the crash.

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It is extremely important that all operators of large trucks drive their vehicles according to the conditions of the road laid out before them. Specifically, if weather conditions dictate that drivers have to drive below the posted speed limit to be safe, then it is necessary to do so. In some cases, such as when days are very windy, it may even be necessary for the driver of a large truck to pull off of the road altogether, and not begin driving again until it is significantly safer to do so. However, because truck drivers are held to specific time frames in which they must deliver goods from one location to the next, many of these drivers may choose to neglect weather conditions and drive at a pace that will still allow them to make their deliveries on time. Unfortunately, negligent truck driver behavior like this is reckless, and will inevitably lead to truck accidents.

If you have been the victim of a rollover accident, and you believe that negligence played a major role in causing the accident, please don’t hesitate to call a skilled St. Louis rollover truck accident attorney at Page Law at 1-800-CAR-CRASH. The consultation is free, but the information is invaluable. Allow us to handle every aspect of your case, and we will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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