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Victims of Criminal Trucker Behavior

Truck collisions are all too common, and the risks of driving a truck can range from adverse weather conditions to driver error that causes injury and even death. However, some truck drivers take negligence one step beyond, entering the illegal realm with criminal truck driver behavior that puts themselves and others at risk.

Drugs and Alcohol While on the Job

When truck drivers violate state and federal law and endanger the lives of others, they can be prosecuted in criminal court and also face civil lawsuits from the victims seeking to recover financial damages for their personal injury and property damage. Criminal truck driver behavior can range from willful endangerment to falsification of driver logs to violating speed limits and traffic laws to consuming drugs and alcohol while on the job.

Numerous recent cases have been reported in which truck drivers were hired by trucking companies despite long-standing criminal records including traffic violations. Many correctional facilities and prison systems rehabilitate criminals by introducing them to truck driving, but a past history of criminal behavior does not guarantee criminal truck driver behavior. However, a history of drug abuse, DUI, or serious car accidents should be a red flag to any trucking company.

Drug and alcohol abuse are among the most serious types of criminal truck driver behavior. Because of trucks’ enormous size, it’s vital that truck drivers have razor-sharp reflexes and unimpaired judgment. Driving a truck under the influence of alcohol isn’t just risky – it’s a criminal act. And unfortunately, over 30 percent of all truck drivers who are responsible for a fatal accident test positive for alcohol or drugs.

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If you’ve been injured in a truck accident involving criminal truck driver behavior, it’s possible that the driver has already faced criminal prosecution. However, don’t let that hold you back from filing a civil suit – demanding and winning monetary damages from an irresponsible driver both teaches them a lesson and sends a warning to other truck drivers who are at risk for criminal behavior.

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