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Failure to Maintain the Truck

The risks facing truck drivers and vehicles that endure collisions with large trucks and tractor-trailers are significant. Road conditions and driver competence matter – and the failure to make proper decisions and good judgments can be the difference between life and death in crashes. However, another risk factor exists that’s just as dangerous as a reckless or negligent driver – failure to maintain the truck itself.

Truck Maintenance

Trucks aren’t just gigantic vehicles – they’re complicated machines with complex safety systems, engines, and designs. Regularly scheduled maintenance is vital for a trucking company looking to live up to federal and state guidelines and operate a fleet that’s fit for the road. In a perfect world, trucks would be regularly inspected and repaired and have no faults whatsoever. However, the reality is that lazy or uneducated truck companies fail to demand or authorize proper maintenance. Their failure to maintain the truck can result in tragic outcomes.

Brake Inspection

For example, an improperly inspected or maintained braking system can cause a delay in braking. Since semi trucks are so large, they need a longer stretch of road in order to brake without causing a collision. Bad brakes can have disastrous consequences. Improperly maintained lighting systems can cause hazards both to the truck driver and other vehicles who can’t see the truck on the road. And a faulty cab connection, transmission, or engine can cause a myriad of troubles, from a truck’s losing control and overturning to inability to navigate hazardous road conditions or inclement weather.

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If you’ve been injured in a truck crash, it’s time to take the trucking company to account for failure to maintain the truck in question. An experienced lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation to find out whether the truck in question was properly or improperly maintained and press for monetary damages to pay for injuries, cost of future medical care, property damage, and even emotional trauma caused by a collision.

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