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Hazardous Roads and Highways

It’s well known that driver error plays a large part in truck collisions. But did you know that dangerous highways and roads in Missouri, as well as the entire United States can contribute to collisions as well? Big rigs and semis are huge and complex machines that require precision operation by an educated driver. But even the best truck driver can lose control of their truck when faced with a dangerous road or highway – and the consequences lead to over 5,000 deaths each year.

Common Road Dangers

While many states and counties properly maintain their roadways, dangerous highways and roads are all too common around the country. But states with inclement weather such as freezing or snow aren’t the only ones at risk for dangerous roads and highways – factors like construction, signage, lighting, potholes, intersection control, sinkage, dangerous road design, routine maintenance, guardrails, and even vegetation can cause truck crashes.

For example, vegetation that obscures an important sign can cause a trucker to miss a vital cue while operating a big rig. A pothole in the road could cause a tire to burst or the truck to spin out of control and tip over. A malfunctioning traffic signal or improperly marked intersection could cause traffic laws to break down, putting truck driver and drivers and passengers in other vehicles at risk.

Since a big rig can weigh over 80,000 tons, its impact on a smaller vehicle is no laughing matter. Broken bones, disfigurement, mental impairment, inability to work, and even death can occur as the result of injuries sustained in a collision. Given the number of risk factors in truck driving, it’s important to investigate all possible causes when undertaking truck accident litigation in Missouri.

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