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Employer Negligence Resulting In Truck Accidents

Truck crashes differ from other motor vehicle accidents because a tractor-trailer or semi truck is not usually operated by the owner. Both the driver and the employer can face civil negligence claims when dealing with a truck accident that involves injury or property damage. But what is truck employer negligence in Missouri, and how might it affect your potential lawsuit?

When an employer willfully endangers the safety of others or fails to provide reasonable care for others on the road, they may be liable for negligence. Common forms of employer negligence in the truck driving industry include failure to properly train and educate employees, failure to properly maintain the vehicle fleet, insufficient licensing or testing requirements for truck operators, hiring employees without performing background checks, and/or allowing drivers with track records of negligent or unsafe driving behind the wheel.

Trucking companies have an obligation to educate their drivers and to ensure that they are driving safe equipment. When a trucking company fails to properly maintain their fleet of vehicles by replacing worn-out parts, performing routine checks or complying with state and federal laws about their condition, they are not only violating the law – they’re placing innocent drivers at very real risk.

What Are Trucking Company’s Responsibile For?

In addition, it is a trucking company’s responsibility to have policies and procedures that ensure the highest possible level of competence and care in the drivers themselves. Companies that “cut corners” when it comes to driver education, that require drivers to operate trucks for overly long periods of time, or that allow incompetent drivers to drive their trucks must face the financial and legal consequences of their negligence.

Background checks are one of the easiest – and most often overlooked – ways to prevent employer negligence via unqualified drivers. A simple background check can reveal a driving record that includes minor or serious collisions and moving violations – serious red flags for any reputable trucking company. If a trucking company fails to provide the proper background check on a potential driver, they put their business and others’ lives and property at risk.

Determining employer negligence in an accident case can be complex at best and confusing at worst. That’s why victims of personal injury should consult with an experienced, aggressive Missouri truck employer negligence lawyer in order to cover all of their bases in a lawsuit. Page Law is devoted to clients who have experienced personal injury and have recovered money on behalf of many personal injury victims like you. Think you have a case? Contact us today for your free evaluation.

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