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Defective Trucking Equipment

Truck accidents aren’t just dangerous – they can be devastating to passengers and drivers who risk significant personal injury in a collision with a large truck. Defective truck equipment plus the existing risks of trucks and tractor trailers equals a seriously dangerous proposition for anyone sharing the road with these rolling behemoths. And unfortunately, many trucking collisions can be chalked up to defects in truck equipment.

Failure to maintain a truck can endanger both the driver and other drivers on the road, especially given big rig trucks’ tendency to sway and existing issues such as difficulty turning or braking. When a discriminating maintenance schedule is not followed, parts such as seals, brakes or lights can fall into disrepair, adding yet another hazard to the already-dangerous conditions faced by truck drivers.

If broken or improperly maintained, a faulty braking system can pose a serious threat on a truck. However, truck crashes can also be attributed to defective truck equipment like pneumatic and hydraulic systems, transmissions, failing motors, tires, and electrical issues.

Holding Negligent Truck Manufacturers Responsible in Missouri

While a manufacturer is responsible for producing a motor vehicle that lives up to national standards, the burden of care is also shared by trucking companies, who are responsible for performing scheduled maintenance and making sure that their fleet of trucks is fit for the road. Depending on the circumstances of an accident, the truck’s manufacturer and/or the trucking company can be blamed and sued for negligence and damages.

Unfortunately, truck-on-vehicle collisions are often deadly and costly. If you’ve been involved in such a crash, you deserve to obtain justice – and send an important message to manufacturers and trucking companies that allow unsafe vehicles on our roads. A compassionate, competent St. Louis defective truck part attorneys with experience in trucking accidents and defective truck equipment can perform the necessary investigation and help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

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