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Compensation for Injuries Caused by Inadequate and Negligent Security

All property owners must provide reasonably safe conditions for their visitors. This obligation extends to repairing cracked steps, warning visitors of slippery floors and even providing adequate security. Anyone who has suffered an injury because of negligent security in Missouri would be well advised to seek legal guidance from a skilled premises liability attorney in St. Louis.

Examples of Inadequate Security

Injury accidents that involve criminal activity at a public location such as a shopping center or an office complex must be fully investigated. Compensation may be available for the injured victim if the incident could have been prevented by an increase in security. Negligent security claims often involve:

  • A failure to provide adequate locks, security cameras or lighting;
  • Inadequate parking lot surveillance;
  • Failure to conduct a background check on a security employee with a criminal record;
  • Inadequate protection for visitors or residents in a stairwell or lobby;
  • Failure to respond to requests for security or an increase in security; and
  • Failure to add security measures following multiple incidents.

A lack of security can lead to criminal activity anywhere, but there are a number of locations where these types of accidents commonly occur, including sport stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, ATM kiosks, concert venues, hotels, theme parks and college campuses.

Proving Negligent Security in Missouri

Not all injury accidents automatically result in valid premises liability claims. A property owner cannot be expected to prevent all crimes and control the behavior of everyone visiting their property. In order to hold a property owner accountable for an injury accident, it must be clear that negligence was a factor in the incident.

For example, did the location have a history of criminal activity and did the property owner fail to rectify the problem? Did the criminal act occur because the property owner hired someone who was not qualified to monitor and protect the visitors from danger? Has the owner been told numerous times that the property required better security, improved lighting and additional security cameras? If so, it is possible that the incident would not have occurred had the property owner not been negligent. There is a potential premises liability claim in these types of scenarios.

Missouri Premises Liability Claims

A premises liability claim is a civil lawsuit that victims may file to hold negligent property owners accountable for the injuries they have suffered. If it can be determined that the incident was directly connected to security negligence, the victim may pursue compensation for losses such as:

  • Emergency room costs;
  • Hospital bills;
  • Prescription drugs and medical devices;
  • Physical therapy expenses;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost stolen items;
  • Physical pain; and
  • Emotional anguish, stress and trauma.

It takes an experienced attorney to analyze these types of cases and determine who was negligent and who should be held liable. Our skilled St. Louis injury lawyers have a long history of protecting the rights of the injured victims in Missouri. Call our offices today at (314) 322-8515 to learn more about your legal options.

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