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What to Do After a Slip and Fall On a Property

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and the type of property where it occurs may determine the types of injuries suffered and the ability of victims to pursue compensation. Here are a few examples of locations where serious slip and fall injuries in Missouri commonly occur.

Slip and Fall Accident Case Result

  • $187,500 for slip and fall injury victim
    Plaintiff slipped on ice in a parking lot resulting in a fractured leg.

Commercial Property Slip and Fall Accidents

Areas with heavier foot traffic have the greatest probability of slip and fall accidents. Common commercial properties where falling accidents occur include shopping malls, schools, hospitals and airports. Property owners are required to ensure that visitors are properly warned of dangerous conditions and that hazardous areas are repaired as soon as is reasonably possible.

Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Construction workers can be seriously injured if holes are not properly marked, tools and equipment are left in walkways or surfaces are uneven. Victims of construction accidents may pursue compensation by filing for Missouri workers’ compensation benefits.

Nursing Home Slip and Fall Accidents

Older patients are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries resulting from elderly slip and fall accidents. Nursing home workers are obligated to monitor patients who have trouble walking. Nursing home owners are required to provide ramps, railings and proper supervision at all times.

Residential Slip and Fall Accidents

Victims of injury accidents that occur on a friend’s property may struggle with whether or not they have to sue their friend to receive compensation. It is important to remember that the financial burden of a premises liability claim will fall on the property owner’s insurance and not his or her own pocketbook. On the other hand, injured victims are often left to pay for their medical treatment out of their own pocket. So, it might be in their best interest to pursue a claim – even if the property owner is a friend.

The Importance of Proving Negligence in Missouri

Property owners cannot be expected to prevent every single slip and fall accident that occurs on their property. Therefore, property owners may only be held accountable for the accidents that resulted from their negligence. For example, if someone trips over their own shoelaces, it may not be the responsibility of the property owner to cover the subsequent medical expenses. Examples of negligent acts by a property owner that may result in slip and fall accidents include:

  • Failure to repair a broken step
  • Failure to post warning signs around a hazardous condition
  • Failure to respond to complaints about a hazardous condition
  • Failure to fix cracked floors
  • Failure to provide adequate maintenance on elevators
  • Failure to provide workers with warning signs for posting around dangerous locations

Missouri Premises Liability Claims

Sometimes, the only way an injured victim can receive fair compensation for the injuries he or she has suffered is through civil litigation. A premises liability claim may result in compensation for losses such as hospital expenses, physical pain, rehabilitation fees, medical device expenses and lost wages. It is common for property owners to deny responsibility for the accidents that occur on their premises and for victims to struggle with substantial financial burdens.

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