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Jones Act Attorney (Maritime Law)

Congress passed the Jones Act (Maritime Law) to protect seamen who are injured and are not covered by maritime law. Some examples of seamen are those who work on jack-up rigs, tankers, freighters, towboats, tug boats, supply boats, barges, crew boats, and fishing vessels. Captains, Officers, and crew are usually considered seamen.

The Jones Act is a special federal law that allows injured seamen to file a claim against their employer directly for personal injuries. The injured worker can make a claim for all of the damages he/she suffered as a result of the work related accident. Common injuries include herniations, broken bones, severe lacerations, dismemberment, brain injuries, head injuries, and sometimes death.

Maritime Law

Maritime law basically covers business activities between ship owners, crewmembers, passengers and cargo on the high seas and other navigable waters. Seamen injured on sea going vessels, on navigable waters, and on offshore oil rigs not attached to the ocean floor are all covered under maritime law.

Today, maritime law has expanded greatly in its course and scope. If you think you have suffered a personal injury that falls under the Jones Act (maritime law), speaking with a Missouri personal injury attorney is recommended. A Missouri Jones Act lawyer will be able to determine if the incident and the resulting personal injury fall within the Act.

Jones Act Lawyer

A very brief summary of the Jones Act follows:

A seaman is entitled to recover money damages if he/she is injured during employment. The injured worker can elect whether they would like a jury trial. If the seaman is killed, his personal representative can file a lawsuit pursuant to the Jones Act. The representative can then recover money damages. They can also elect to have a trial by jury.

It is recommended that a personal injury attorney be retained if a trial by jury is opted for. Jones Act cases can become complicated and they often require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

A Jones Act cause of action can only be brought if the injured seaman is a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien when the incident occurred. Furthermore, a Jones Act cause of action will not be allowed if the injured seaman was an employee of a business that explores, develops, or produces offshore mineral or energy resources.

The Jones Act does allow causes of action for seamen injured while they are transporting certain resources or by a vessel constructed primarily to carry oil in bulk. A lawyer will be able to determine if your specific case facts fall within the Jones Act.

A cause of action will not be allowed for injuries that occur in waters overlaying the continental shelf of a nation other than the United States or in its territories, or possessions. Although, in certain circumstances, an action may be brought in the above situation if there is no other available remedy. Again, this can become very detailed and complicated. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to determine the proper venue for your Jones Act case.

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