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Barge Accidents Can Be Fatal

It’s one of the oldest professionals in the world. But a career at sea can be a dangerous one – in fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that maritime professions are extremely hazardous and can reach up to 70 deaths per 100,000 workers. Why are maritime professions so dangerous? And what rights do those injured in barge accidents and other at-sea disasters possess under United States law?

Modern barges and tugboats are rife with potential accidents. Like any job including heavy equipment, there are slip and fall dangers and potential issues with head, neck, and back injuries. Add the volatile movement of the sea to the equation, and you have a dangerous – and even potentially fatal – situation.

Unfortunately, many companies that operate barges and other vessels try to cut corners when it comes to the health, safety, and welfares of the crews who keep them in business. Improper or inadequate safety training can lead to dangerous situations, and poorly maintained equipment can break, fall, or hit a crewman. When an employer’s action or failure to act leads to injury, the employer is negligent under the law.

What remedies do maritime workers and seamen have when barge accidents occur? Luckily, they are covered by the Jones Act, another name for the 1920 Merchant Marine Act, which allows seamen to recover compensation from negligent employers when they face injury or death. If the accident victim dies, their family members or immediate heirs may choose to pursue Jones Act litigation. If the victim is still alive, they can collect damages for expenses like current and future medical care, psychological treatment, pain and suffering, and even lost wages.

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The Jones Act is no workers’ compensation law – not every injured worker receives compensation. Fortunately, it is widely known that the odds of prevailing in a Jones Act lawsuit are significantly raised when the right St. Louis Missouri Jones Act lawyer is recruited to help the plaintiff file their lawsuit, appear in court, and argue their case of negligence against the employer. The attorneys at Page Law are experienced and aggressive in the area of Jones Act litigation. Have you been injured in a barge accident or lost a loved one to a fatal incident at sea? Don’t hesitate – your time to file may be limited. Call today for more information and a free phone consultation.

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