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Jones Act/Barge Accidents FAQs

Q: What is the Jones Act?

A: The Jones Act is another name for the Merchant Marine Act adopted by Congress in 1920. It is a Federal law that requires seamen and workers on floating vessels and structures to receive compensation for injuries received while at sea.

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Q: Is the Jones Act workers’ compensation?

A: No. The Jones Act differs from workers’ compensation in that it requires an employee to prove their employer’s negligence before providing compensation for any injuries received during a barge accident or other maritime mishap. Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, pays for treatment regardless of who was at fault.

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Q: Who does the Jones Act cover?

A: The Jones Act covers all maritime workers; that is, people who work on floating vessels and structures including, but not limited to, tugboats, oil rigs, towboats, ship employees, floating crane operators, etc.

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Q: What must an employer found negligent under the Jones Act provide to an injured seaman?

A: An employer or ship operator found to be negligent in a Jones Act lawsuit must pay for both cure and maintenance. In Jones Act cases, “cure” is defined as money that pays for your medical bills and expenses, while “maintenance” pays a daily allowance so you can afford to take time off work and recover from your injuries. In addition, a worker who collects damages under a Jones Act case might be eligible for compensation for factors such as future medical care, vocational rehabilitation, pain and suffering, anguish, mental health benefits, and inability to contribute to family finances.

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Q: I was injured in a barge accident. What now?

A: First, seek appropriate medical care for your injuries. Then, look for an experienced Missouri Jones Act attorney who understands maritime cases and can go to bat for you in court. Your Jones Act lawyer can advise you on whether you have a case worth pursuing, help you file your Jones Act lawsuit, assist you with determining which damages to claim, and walk you through the often complex process associated with lawsuits. When looking for a Jones Act attorney to help you gain compensation for your barge accident or other maritime injury, seek skill, proven results, and exemplary customer service. You’ll find all three and more in the experienced St. Louis Jones Act attorneys at Page Law. Interested in a free consultation? Call today – it’s confidential and carries no obligation.

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Q: How do I chose a barge accident lawyer?

A: If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a barge accident, you may feel confused, angry, and not know where to turn. Luckily, you’re not alone. Not only are you covered by the Jones Act, a law enacted to protect the personal rights of seamen injured due to the negligence of their employer, but you are just a phone call away from a powerful advocate in your journey through injury and confusion. The right St. Louis Missouri Jones Act attorney can make the difference between a case that’s dead in the water and one that sails through the legal system, bringing you the compensation you deserve for your injuries or your loved one’s wrongful death.

Why hire a Jones Act attorney in the first place? It’s simple. Since the Jones Act is a federal law, related litigation is more complex than your garden-variety personal injury case. The right Jones Act lawyer can not only help evaluate whether your case has validity and a chance of making it through court, but can draw upon experience and knowledge of maritime law, federal law, and other specified regulations to help you fight your case as effectively and efficiently as possible.

When looking for a Jones Act lawyer, be ready with a list of questions and expect to get honest answers. First of all, assess the potential lawyer’s experience and track record. How long have they been practicing law? Do they have experience with Jones Act cases and other maritime lawsuits? How much money have they recovered for other clients? Can they refer you to satisfied customers?

Next, gain an idea of the resources the attorney has at hand. How big is the office? Does the attorney work with expert witnesses to give clients an edge in court? Is the office capable of handling complex litigations and investigations? Next, ask about payment. How does the lawyer handle billing? Do they work on a contingency basis or require an up-front fee? What will you be offered in exchange for the fee you pay?

While referrals always carry weight in the world of law, your own gut reaction can tell you a lot. Does the maritime law attorney use words you can understand? Do they reassure you and give you the impression that customer service is of paramount importance? How much contact and information can you expect during the litigation process?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s up to you to form an educated opinion on who’s the best barge accident lawyer to take on your case. Remember: track record, customer service, and experience are paramount in fighting and winning a Jones Act lawsuit. At our law firm, we offer all three…and so much more. To learn more about our happy clients, our long track record and how we can help you collect the Jones Act compensation you deserve, call for a free phone consultation today.

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