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Types of Wrongful Death Compensation in Missouri

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Losing a loved one is devastating for a spouse, parents, children, and other family members. When a death is caused by the actions of another party, whether they directly or indirectly caused the incident, the trauma may seem impossible to overcome. Throughout our lives, we learn that the people we love eventually pass away, but that doesn’t mean that we are ever truly prepared to lose them. When our loved ones are suddenly and unfairly taken away due to the actions of another party, we may be left with even further losses.

Emotional and mental healing from losing a loved one can only be accomplished with time and growth, but the damages from a wrongful death can leave a serious impact that surviving family members may not be able to overcome on their own. However, when such a fatality is caused by another party’s wrongful actions, certain family members (spouse, children, and siblings) can take legal action to remedy their losses and compensation can be found in a variety of areas that they have been impacted. Our Missouri wrongful death lawyers can provide you with skilled representation in your case, but above all, we want you to understand what your rights are.

Economic & Non-Economic Damages in Missouri

According to Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 537 Section 537.090, what is stressed the most with regard to wrongful death damages is whether they are “fair and just for the death and loss thus occasioned.” Important factors taken into consideration include economic losses caused as a result of the death, funeral expenses, and the practical “value of the services, consortium, companionship, comfort, instruction, guidance, counsel, training, and support” that have been deprived to family members left behind.

Another type of wrongful death compensation relates to damages that cover what “the deceased may have suffered between the time of injury and the time of death and for the recovery of which the deceased might have maintained an action had death not ensued.” It is important to note that damages for grief and bereavement caused by the death are not awarded.

Funeral Costs and Other Medical Expenses

The cost of a funeral is often very expensive, and just because a family was not expecting a loved one to die does not mean that they should try to cut down on costs for such a ceremony. A wrongful death victim is entitled to a proper burial just like everyone else and deserves the love and respect from family and friends that this time is meant for. Costs for the funeral may be covered as they are a direct expense from the at-fault party’s deadly actions. Additionally, all medical expenses related to the death can also be compensated. Many fatal accidents do not result in the immediate death of a victim and the emergency medical care and any other medical procedures performed in attempting to keep a victim alive can be expensive.

Compassionate Wrongful Death Representation in Missouri

Losing a loved one in a wrongful death accident can be devastating for family and friends, but this does not prevent responsible individuals, organizations, and insurance companies from trying to keep from paying proper compensation for losses. St. Louis wrongful death attorneys at Page Law understand the grief and widespread pain that losing a loved one brings as well as the need for fair compensation in order to move on from the losses suffered and begin the healing process. Our legal team has spent years tending to the needs of relatives and can help you find the compensation you need through our vigilant legal representation. For more information, contact us today at (314) 322-8515.

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