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Compensation for Workplace Spinal Cord Injury

It is common for Missouri railroad employees to suffer back sprains and strains. These types of injuries can occur suddenly when lifting a heavy object or over a prolonged period of time of manual labor. A spinal cord injury is a severe back or neck injury that results from a traumatic impact or twisting of the back in a serious work accident. There is the potential for this devastating railroad injury to occur at a worksite because of the large machines used. Anyone who has sustained a life changing spinal cord injury would be well advised to seek support from an experienced Missouri railroad accident attorney.

Complete and Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

The extent of the trauma to the spinal cord will affect the resulting symptoms. A spinal cord injury can be classified as complete or incomplete. A complete spinal cord injury is when all sensory and motor function below the site of the injury are lost. An incomplete spinal cord injury is when some feeling or motor functions are maintained below the site of the injury.

Location of the Spinal Cord Injury

The location of the spinal cord injury or damage will determine what part of the body is affected. Victims of high spinal cord injuries or neck spinal cord damage may suffer from tetraplegia or quadriplegia, where their arms, legs and trunk may be affected by the injury. Victims of lower back spinal cord injuries may become paraplegic and suffer a loss of the ability to move or feel anything in their legs, trunk or pelvis.

How Missouri Railroad Employees May Suffer a Spinal Cord Injury

There are a number of ways that a railroad employee may suffer a spinal cord injury:

  • Train accidents: Workers who involved in a train collision or derailment may suffer severe blunt trauma or whiplash. Train operators are particularly in danger of suffering an injury in a collision.
  • Classification yard accidents: Yardmen in charge of connecting trains with their cars can be crushed when mistakes are made. When someone’s back is crushed between a train and a car, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic.
  • Crane accidents: Many yards have large cranes that are used to lift and load heavy cargo. When these items are dropped on workers, there is the potential for a catastrophic back injury.

The Issue of Negligence in Missouri

Under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), railroad employees who have suffered a serious injury, such as spinal cord damage, may seek financial compensation directly from their employer. Individuals attempting to receive compensation through FELA will need to prove that negligence played a part in the accident.

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