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Railroad Employee Injuries

Missouri railroads can be dangerous workplaces. A train does not have to be involved in an accident for a railroad employee to suffer a serious injury. Railroad workplace accidents are so common and dangerous that the government created the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), which allows workers injured because of negligence to pursue compensation that may not be available through workers compensation benefits. Anyone injured while working on a railroad would be well advised to seek legal guidance from a skilled St. Louis railroad accident attorney.

Causes of Missouri Railway Injuries

Railroad employees face a wide range of dangers. Common causes of railroad employee injuries include:

  • Train accidents
  • Cargo injuries
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Freight injuries
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries

Types of Railroad Employee Injuries

Whether a railroad employee is working in the yard, doing maintenance work, or operating a train, there is the potential for a life-changing injury accident to occur. Examples of injuries suffered in railroad work accidents include:

  • Burn injuries: Carmen, brakemen, engineers, trackmen and conductors are all at risk for burn injuries. Diesel engines are made to run hot and the slightest issues can lead to a catastrophic fire accident.
  • Internal injuries: Breathing in toxic chemicals and fumes can result in devastating medical conditions. Depending on the type of job the railroad employee has, he or she may be exposed to diesel fumes, sand dust, welding fumes or even asbestos.
  • Head injuries: There are a number of ways in which railway workers may suffer a head injury. There are plenty of materials and tools that a worker may trip on. Workers run the risk of striking their head on the ground, train track or some other hard surface. Falling materials or debris can also cause major head injuries.
  • Back injuries: With heavy labor comes the potential for debilitating back injuries. Workers required to bend over, lift heavy objects, or make repetitive motions may suffer painful back injuries that affect their ability to work.
  • Knee injuries: Working on and around locomotives and train tracks comes with the potential for knee injuries. Anyone who performs physical labor may be unable to work if his or her knee is damaged.
  • Broken bones: This type of devastating injury may occur during a traumatic collision or slip-and-fall accident. Workers who are loading and unloading cargo are particularly in danger of breaking bones in crushing accidents.
  • Amputations: These permanent injuries can occur on a railroad jobsite because of the size and weight of the equipment and machines used.

Rights of Injured Railroad Workers in Missouri

FELA allows railroad employees to pursue financial compensation for their injuries in cases involving negligence. No matter how the accident occurred, it is in the best interest of the victim to seek legal guidance from a skilled injury attorney. Call a St. Louis accident lawyer at Page Law today for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

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