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Help for Those Suffering from Partial Disability

Not all workers who become disabled in an accident are unable to return to work. Some victims of railroad work injury accidents are able to perform limited work activity. In such cases, they may be able to receive their wages as they did before the injury in addition to receiving support for their partial disability.

Partial Disability

A temporary partial disability is one that prevents the injured railroad employee from successfully completing all of their tasks during a full day at work. Some partial disability victims may be able to work all day but they are unable to fulfill all of their job requirements. Others may be able to carry out all job requirements, but may not be able to work a full day. In other words, they may have their limitations. In either case, compensation may be available to workers with partial disabilities.

Missouri Disability Compensation

The amount of compensation available may depend upon the severity of the disability. Compensation will only be provided while the worker is disabled and will end once he or she heals and is no longer disabled. Compensation should remain available, however, for individuals who have suffered a permanent disability such as an amputation.

How Partial Disability May Occur

There are a number of ways in which workers may suffer a partial disability. Railroad employees who are exposed to harmful toxins such as diesel fumes may become ill but still desire to work. Railroad workers have also been known to have fingers severed when working with cargo or while switching trains. Victims of these types of accidents may be able to still function at work but may also receive compensation. Train operators involved in a train accident may sustain a head or broken bone injury that allows them to return to work with restrictions. It is important that one’s ability to return to work is properly assessed by a medical professional and that injured employees are not forced to return to work before they are physically able due to fear of losing their job.

The Need for Proper Representation in Missouri

Injured railroad employees may have their losses covered by their employer’s insurance. Unfortunately, it is common for valid claims to be denied and for the injured worker to have to fight for his or her rights in court. An experienced personal injury attorney can help the victim pursue financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages and, in cases involving negligence, punitive damages.

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