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Product Liability

Product liability cases involve an injured victim of a defective product filing a claim against the product’s manufacturer. Holding a corporation liable for a defective product is not an easy task. Corporations employ high-powered legal defense teams that fight to protect their clients’ best interests. Anyone injured by a defective product would be well advised to fight back with legal guidance from an experienced Missouri products liability lawyer.

What Makes a Product Defective?

There are three ways a product can be defective:

  • Defective design: This means that a product is inherently dangerous for consumers. In such cases, the entire product may require a recall and redesign.
  • Defective assembly: This is when a product that is typically safe is hazardous because of errors made during the assembly or manufacturing process. One common example of this is when a vehicle part malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Defective marketing: Marketing refers to a company’s responsibility to properly warn consumers of the dangers of their product.

Proving Liability for a Defective Product

Injured victims of defective products must prove:

  • That a product is defective in some way
  • That he or she suffered an injury or loss
  • That the product defect caused that injury or loss
  • That the product was used appropriately at the time of the injury

Examples of Defective Products

Just about any product can be defective but there are a number of types of products that have a long history of not only being defective but also causing serious injuries or even fatalities.

  • Medications: When a prescribed medication has adverse affects that were not disclosed to consumers, the manufacturer of the drug may be held liable for the injuries suffered. Defective drugs have been known to cause serious organ damage, birth defects and even death.
  • Auto parts: A defective auto part such as tires, brakes, engine, airbag, seatbelt or seatback can put everyone on the roadway at great risk.
  • Children’s products: Two examples of potentially dangerous child products include toys that break off and become choking hazards and cribs that collapse or present strangulation hazards.
  • Appliances: A defective kitchen appliance can burst into flames and cause severe burn injuries.
  • Tools: Power tools that are defective can sever limbs and cause fatal cuts and lacerations.

What to do if a Defective Product Injured You

You should immediately seek medical attention to increase your chances of a full recovery and to document your injuries. You should also preserve the product for a thorough investigation. You should next do your research online to see if others have suffered a similar injury. There may already be a recall in place or a class action lawsuit. If you decide to pursue compensation for your losses, you next step is to contact an experienced St. Charles County product liability attorney.

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