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Dog bites are more common than anyone can imagine in the United States. Every year, at least 5 million people are bitten by dogs. The extent of the injury varies from person to person and depends on the circumstances or the dogs involved in each case. But Illinois is one of the states where a dog owner will be deemed liable for injuries caused when his or her dog attacks someone unprovoked.

Victims of dog bites have rights. Anyone who has seen photos of dog bite victims, especially of young children who have been attacked, knows how gruesome they can be. Most victims – children or adults – need reconstructive or plastic surgery to fix the damage.

The psychological effects are also significant. Most victims develop a fear of all dogs, paranoia and live in a constant state of panic. Many are also emotionally distressed about their appearance. Since most dog bites lead to facial injuries, victims are forced to deal with their disfigurement.

John Page’s experienced dog bite attorneys have represented numerous victims of dog attacks. We conduct a thorough investigation, help our clients through the legal process and have helped many get compensated for their injuries and pay to take care of their medical and counseling needs.

Illinois is a “strict liability state,” which means all the plaintiff has to prove to get compensated is that he or she must identify the dog and its owner and prove that it bit them causing the injuries. Retaining an experienced and knowledgeable Illinois injury attorney who specializes in dog bite cases is the best way for victims of dog attacks to ensure that their legal rights are protected and that they get the compensation they rightfully deserve.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog attack in the state of Illinois, contact an experienced dog bite lawyer at Page Law at (800) 227-2727 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will not collect fees until your case has been settled. Call us today to discuss your case.

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