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If you file a personal injury lawsuit, what damages may you be eligible to receive? When a person files a personal injury claim, she or he typically will be eligible for compensatory damages. There are two compensatory damages:

  • Economic damages: this damage award provides an injury plaintiff with compensation for specific economic losses incurred because of the defendant’s negligent or bad conduct. Economic damages are objective, which means they are easily quantifiable. Common examples of economic damages are hospitals bills, medication bills, surgical costs, lost wages, cost for future medical care, lost future earning capacity.
  • Non-economic damages: this damage award provides an injury plaintiff with compensation for losses that are subjective. Non-economic damages compensate a victim for losses without an objective price tag like a medical bill. Some of these damages include pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, burns, scarring, and permanent disfigurement.

How Long Do I Have to File My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you got hurt in a traffic collision or another type of accident, it’s important to understand the statute of limitation that applies to your specific case. Under Illinois law, most types of personal injury claims have a two year statute of limitation. This means an injury victim must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years from the date of incident that caused the injuries at issue. If you don’t file a lawsuit in time, you can be barred from seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. There are exceptions to the two year statute of limitation, so it’s crucial to talk with an experienced Cahokia, IL attorney about the specific facts of your case so it can be determined what your specific statute of limitation is for your case. A Cahokia personal injury lawyer can look at the specific facts of your case and help ensure your claim is filed within the within the proper time period.

Personal Injury Lawsuits We Handle in Cahokia

At Page Law, we handle many types of motor vehicle accident lawsuits, including but not limited to:

  • Truck accidents;
  • Semi-truck accidents;
  • Car accidents;
  • Charter bus and school bus accidents;
  • Motorcycle and trike accidents;
  • Motorized scooter accidents;
  • ATV accidents;
  • Train and rail accidents;
  • Bicycle accidents;
  • Uninsured motorist accidents;
  • Pedestrian accidents; and
  • Hit and run accidents.

We also handle many types of personal injury lawsuits outside of claims arising from motor vehicle collisions, including but not limited to:

  • Nursing home abuse and neglect claims;
  • School or daycare negligence;
  • Dog bite and animal attack cases;
  • Dangerous drug litigation;
  • Defective motor vehicle accidents;
  • Product liability lawsuits;
  • Slips and falls;
  • Premises liability claims;
  • Workers’ compensation cases;
  • Workplace injuries;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Birth defects and birth injuries; and
  • Wrongful death claims.

If you or someone you love got hurt in a car crash or another accident, make sure the responsible party is held accountable. An experienced personal injury lawyer at our firm will discuss your options with you.

Work with a Dedicated Cahokia Personal Injury Attorney

Did you know there were 296,049 car accidents in Illinois in 2014? The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) reported that number in a pamphlet, while also emphasizing that many motor vehicle collisions that result in serious and fatal injuries are preventable. If another party’s carelessness resulted in your personal injuries, speak with a Cahokia personal injury to learn more about filing a claim for compensation. Contact Page Law today to find out about how we can assist with your lawsuit.

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