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Determining Liability for Accidents Near Hampton Ave and I-44


Hampton Ave and I-44Interstate 44 runs due east through St. Louis until it meets I-55 south of downtown. From there, I-44 runs concurrently with I-55 for approximately two miles, then continues north through downtown St. Louis to its junction with I-70 at the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. Heavy traffic makes accidents more likely to happen on this highway, particularly around the on and off-ramps, at the dangerous area near Hampton Avenue and I-44.

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How to Best Avoid Accidents at Big Bend Road and I-270

Big Bend Road and I-270

The outer belt freeway system of the St. Louis metropolitan area is highways I-270 and I-255. Interstate 270 begins at the I-55/255 interchange south of St. Louis and, from there, loops through Sunset Hills, Kirkwood, Creve Coeur, and other St. Louis County suburbs to I-70 at Bridgeton. Its northern leg extends from Bridgeton through Hazelwood, Florissant, and Bellefontaine Neighbors to the Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi River. I-270 is one of the most heavily trafficked highways in St. Louis County. Perhaps its most dangerous intersection is at Big Ben Road in Kirkwood.

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Safely Navigating S. Hanley Road and I-64


S. Hanley Road and I-64

One of the most dangerous intersections in St. Louis County is in Richmond Heights at S. Hanley Road and I-64. Commuters can expect heavy traffic on I-64 from nearby St. Louis University and surrounding towns. Where I-64 intersects with S. Hanley Road, there are eight on and off-ramps, plus a second intersection at S. Hanley Road and Eager Road, just as the I-64 intersection ends. Two through lanes that bridge the gap between the split lanes on S. Hanley Road are controlled by traffic lights. This adds to the confusion, as drivers on S. Hanley Road must focus on who has the right-of-way, while watching for traffic from the many ramps.

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Congested Intersection Accidents at Richardson Rd. and I-55

Richardson Rd. and I-55

When travelling through the city of Arnold while on the I-55, you’re likely to hit plenty of congestion. You also might encounter or even be involved in an automobile crash with one or several vehicles. As one of the largest cities in Jefferson County, Arnold is unfortunately a center for constant traffic and a high concentration of car accidents. This might especially be the case at the Richardson Road intersection. On a yearly basis, this stretch of interstate sees hundreds of collisions between both Jefferson and St. Louis County.

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Hwy 44 and Rt 141: Dangerous for Locals and Sightseers Alike

Hwy 44 and Rt 141 in Missouri

By way of Highway 44 and in West St. Louis County, the small town of Valley Park is about a 30-minute commute from Downtown St. Louis, Missouri. According to the city, just under 7,000 residents call this place home. Its landmarks include the Valley Park Elevator and Sacred Heart Church. Museums that draw out of-town visitors include the World Bird Sanctuary and the Museum of Transportation. Residents are also able to enjoy local parks and a library.

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Don’t Test Your Luck: Navigating Gravois Bluffs Blvd. and Hwy 141

Gravois Bluffs Blvd. and Hwy 141

When driving on Highway 141 through Fenton, Missouri you might encounter less congestion than in other nearby, more crowded cities. Being a bit more of a rural area, the town is regarded as a favorable place to travel through in Missouri. The highway offers convenient access to popular stores for daily needs, like a Walmart Supercenter, Target, and Lowe’s Home Improvement. You can also access a fitness center and various chain restaurants. It’s easy to see why this area brings a constant flow of traffic, no matter what day of the week it is, but due to the way the highway runs into this area, there is a higher likelihood of accidents.

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Traffic Hazards for Commuters at Jefferson and I-44

Jefferson and I-44 in Missouri

Slightly over 293 miles of Interstate 44 run through Missouri. When you reach the St. Louis metro area, the continual flow of cars can make traffic heavily concentrated at certain times of the day and increase the likelihood of an accident. This is especially true during both the morning and evening rush hour for commuters, which takes place between 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. over the course of the work week.

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Beware of Kingshighway Boulevard and I-64’s Eight Entry Points

Kingshighway Boulevard and I-64

In February 2021, four people were injured when an ambulance carrying a patient was struck by a wrong-way driver on westbound I-64 at Kingshighway Boulevard. The paramedic who was driving maneuvered the ambulance to avoid a head-on collision, but the vehicle was struck, nevertheless. All westbound lanes were closed for an hour while the crash was cleared. The wrong-way driver was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

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Driver Safety at the Spoede Road and I-64 Roundabouts

Spoede Road and I-64 RoundaboutsI-64 in St. Louis has been the scene of road rage and fiery crashes. A St. Louis Councilman’s vehicle was shot while driving on I-64 near Spoede Road in April 2021. At least one bullet struck the Councilman’s car. In November 2021, a driver lost control of his Nissan Sentra on I-64, hit the center median near McCausland Avenue, and came to a stop in the traffic lane. Another driver hit the Sentra, and that vehicle caught on fire. Shortly thereafter, a third vehicle hit the Sentra. The driver of the vehicle that caught on fire died from his injuries, as reported by KSDK.

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Intersections, Merging, and Accident Liability at Dorsett and I-270

Intersection at Dorsett and I-270

In September 2021, highway I-270 northbound past Dorsett Road was closed because of a multi-vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer, as reported on Fox 2 Now. The intersection is particularly hazardous and has a large volume of traffic exiting and entering I-270, even more dangerous for drivers during rush hour. Multiple lanes of traffic merge and split on either side of the interstate, and Dorsett Road corkscrews, with eastbound and westbound lanes crossing each other. To make the traffic situation even worse, Dorsett Square shopping center is located only a block west of I-270.

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