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Legal Help After a Dirt Bike Crash

Dirt bike riding is a popular, exhilarating activity, and many Missourians own street-legal dirt bikes of various types. However, something that’s supposed to be fun can quickly turn into a nightmare when another driver is negligent. Whether you ride along a road or off-road, dirt bike collisions can occur. Many types of negligence committed by another party may cause a dirt bike crash, and when negligence is involved, an experienced Missouri motorcycle accident attorney can help injured dirt bike riders of all ages seek the compensation they deserve.

Types of Dirt Bike Accident Injuries

Dirt bike crashes frequently cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Both of these injury types impose a high rate of death or permanent disability. They are among the most expensive types of injuries to treat and often require the longest hospital stays, as well as months or even years of rehabilitation and therapy once the injured person is out of the hospital. Loss of motor skills, difficulty with concentration or communication, memory loss, and other life-long disabilities are common results of severe brain or spinal cord injuries.

Other types of injuries a dirt bike crash may cause include:

  • broken bones;
  • damage to muscles, nerves, or soft tissues;
  • lacerations, bumps, bruises, and scrapes; and
  • burn injuries, if a crashed dirt bike catches fire.

Types of Injury-Causing Dirt Bike Accidents

Dirt Bike Collisions

As is the case for other types of vehicles, a driver of a dirt bike may be involved in a collision. Collisions might involve a motor vehicle like a car or truck, a motorcycle, a bicycle, or pedestrian, or an unexpected obstacle like an animal or fence. And, like a car or truck accident, a dirt bike collision may be caused by the negligence of another person, even if the dirt bike rider is driving carefully.

Defective Dirt Bike Accidents

Dirt bikes must meet many strict safety regulations in order to be sold legally in the United States. Once a dirt bike is sold, it needs regular maintenance and repairs by someone who knows how to safely take care of and fix dirt bikes.

A dirt bike that is sold with a defect can cause a serious injury. The defect might cause a crash, or it might injure the driver in some other way. For instance, a dirt bike with a defective fuel system might leak fuel or oil in a way that catches fire while the bike is running, injuring anyone riding it. Even if a bike is sold without any defects, botched maintenance or repair work might cause a problem that leads to injury. In both situations, the dirt bike’s manufacturer, designer, or the person responsible for repairs and maintenance may be responsible for any injuries caused by their negligence.

Defective Roads or Bike Trails

All public roads and some bike trails must be maintained so as to be “reasonably safe” for those who might use them, including dirt bike riders. Many types of defects can make a road or trail unsafe for those on a dirt bike. Potholes, cracks, and wash-outs can all cause gaps or holes that can easily flip a dirt bike. Blind curves or vegetation that blocks the view at a curve or intersection can cause a crash if a dirt bike rider cannot see what’s coming next. Defective or missing guardrails, signs, and signals can also cause serious harm.

St. Louis Dirt Bike Accident Attorneys Obtain Justice for Injury Victims

Our experienced St. Louis dirt bike accident lawyers can help dirt bike riders of all ages seek the compensation they need after a collision. For a free and confidential consultation, contact us today by calling (314) 322-8515. We will protect your rights and ensure that negligent parties are held legally accountable.

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