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Truck Collision

Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or even death. When an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer or semi-truck strikes a passenger vehicle, the occupants of the smaller vehicle have very few chances of escaping serious injury or death. Often times, these large truck accidents are caused by the reckless or negligence of truck drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, please contact an experienced accident lawyer in Jefferson County to examine your legal rights and options.

Negligent Truck Drivers

Truck drivers who cause serious injury accidents may be held liable for their actions. One of the most common causes of truck collisions is driver negligence. In such cases, in addition to the drivers, their employers could also be held liable. Common acts of negligence that may lead to a trucking crash include:

  • Driving under the influence: When truck drivers operate under the influence, they have an increased chance of causing a fatal DUI truck collision. Truck drivers determined to be under the influence may have their commercial driver’s license suspended in addition to being held liable for any damages they cause.
  • Driving fatigued: Driving while fatigued is one of the leading causes of Missouri truck accidents. Many studies show that fatigued driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. Truck drivers often work long hours and push the limits of when it is safe for them to drive. Drivers are required to maintain accurate logs of the number of hours driven and the number of hours they have taken off to rest.
  • Making unsafe lane changes: Truck drivers have large blind spots and it is difficult for them to always see vehicles that may be driving alongside them. This does not, however, excuse truck drivers from dangerously changing lanes without first checking for nearby vehicles.
  • Speeding: Trucks that are exceeding the speed limit are more difficult to stop and more likely to be involved in a devastating crash.

Other potential causes of crashes include:

  • Improperly loaded trailers: Overloaded or unevenly loaded trailers can result in a truck veering out of control.
  • Poor maintenance: Truck drivers, truck owners and shipping companies have an obligation to routinely inspect the truck to determine if there are any potential dangers. A failure to properly maintain a truck can lead to serious injury accidents involving an out of control truck.
  • Defective truck parts: Defective brakes and tires have been known to cause major truck accidents. In such cases, the parts manufacturer or the mechanic who installed the defective part may be held liable for their negligence. All trucking firms are required to keep truck maintenance logs.

Our skilled Jefferson County auto accident attorneys help motorists get the compensation they need following major collision. If you or a loved one has been injured in a big rig crash, it would be in your best interests to get a lawyer on your side. Trucking firms usually have high-powered legal defense teams on their side that get on the scene right away and start scouring the accident scene for evidence and information that would help protect their best interests. Failing to get an attorney on your side right away could mean loss of important evidence that could help bolster your case. Call us today at (314) 322-8515 to find out how we can help.

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