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What to Do After an 18 Wheeler Accident

Despite the ever present number of 18 wheelers on our highways, no-one really expects to be involved in an accident with one. In fact, the thought of the devastating consequences if an 18 wheeler losing control and hitting another vehicle is enough to drive most drivers off the road altogether. But motorists do continue to share roads throughout the country with these massive vehicles and accidents do happen. In order to take advantages of your rights when involved in an 18 wheeler accident, there is a procedure to follow.

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The first thing you should do is protect yourself from further injury and get anyone else who has been injured to the hospital.

The second thing you should do is to make contact with the police. Normally, they will be at the scene of an 18 wheeler truck accident quickly. If your injuries make it impossible to do this, you should call a relative on your cell phone to come to the scene of the accident to ensure the details surrounding the cause of the crash are recorded.

Thirdly, if you are able to write down any notes concerning the accident, these may help later. If you have any passengers, ask them to record any important information, too. You are most likely to have a cell phone with a camera feature and this can be used to take photos of the accident scene. The details of any other vehicles involved or who have stopped at the scene of the accident should be noted too, including any potential witnesses.

You should record as many details as possible because when an 18 wheeler accident takes place, the first people likely at the scene are from the truck company and they won’t want to accept liability, even if it was the driver’s fault. They won’t be able to physically disturb or remove any evidence until the police can investigate, but they will be seeking ways that their liability can be minimized.

Typically, the order of events following the accident will depend on any injuries you have received. If you believe the accident was not your fault you should contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney as soon as possible, who will determine if you are eligible to file a personal injury claim. As long as someone else is at fault, you have a good chance of recovering damages for medical expenses, loss of earnings while you recover and even an amount for pain and suffering.

Liability in an 18 wheeler accident is normally with the driver, but sometimes the 18 wheeler company may have used defective parts while maintaining the 18 wheeler so the supplier or manufacturer of the defective parts may be held responsible. Cases involving 18 wheeler accidents can become quite complex, but the chances of winning a personal injury claim are greatly improved if a personal injury attorney works on your behalf. Call Page Law today.

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