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The Importance of Information in Tractor Trailer Accident Litigation

Information is important in every aspect of life. One of the best ways to get information is by asking questions. But be careful, all information is not created equal. When you are seeking answers and information, it’s important to connect with the right source.

If you are injured in a tractor trailer accident, it makes sense to get the necessary information from a truck accident lawyer who handles 18-wheeler accidents. Accurate information will help you obtain full compensation for your injuries and damages. Inaccurate information will cause you years of headache and grief.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often provide bad and misleading information to truck accident victims. I see it regularly when insurance companies provide information verbally over the telephone, with no written confirmation. If it’s not in writing, it’s safe to assume the insurance company will act like the conversation never took place.

Truck accident attorneys, not insurance adjusters, help injured accident victims maximize their recovery by answering questions and providing you with information you need to know. Handling truck accident cases is an art. There are a lot of moving parts that must be addressed in a very short amount of time immediately following a truck crash. Negligent truck drivers and the companies they work for have teams of people looking out for their interests the second a crash happens. This puts injury victims at a distinct disadvantage. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Arm yourself with an aggressive and respected truck accident lawyer.

Trucking companies and their drivers have all the information they need the second a collision occurs. Injury victims have to piece the facts of the case together with limited information from the start, like a complicated puzzle. Each crash is different, but recognizable patterns become apparent during the investigation. Tractor trailer accident cases often require a variety of experts. It’s common to involve experts from the fields of accident reconstruction, economics, neurology, toxicology, trauma surgery and orthopedic surgery. The list of potential experts goes on and on.

Representing truck accident victims is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, types of law practice. The cases are typically litigated and hard fought by both sides. The litigation is expensive, so it’s important to find a truck accident lawyer who focuses on truck cases and who understands the costs and risks involved. At Page Law, we actively handle every aspect of the litigation process, from client intake through trial. We are aware of all the risks and significant costs involved in litigating tractor trailer accident cases. This is our focus, this is what we do. We represent 18-wheeler accident victims living all over the country.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, give us a call as soon as possible so we can begin preserving the evidence necessary to prove your case. Call Page Law today for a free consultation at 1-800-CAR-CRASH (800-227-2727). You can also email me directly at

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