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How to Receive Compensation After an 18 Wheeler Accident

18 Wheeler CrashEvery year, there are estimated to be more than a quarter of a million large truck accidents throughout the country, including 18 wheelers. This estimation puts your chances of being injured in an 18 wheeler accident as quite high, whether as a passenger or a driver in another vehicle. Eighteen wheeler truck drivers are constantly under pressure to reach their destination without any delays so they may not take the required rest times while on the way. This means they can be a danger if they lose concentration due to fatigue or exceeding the speed limit in their rush to meet deadlines.

Fortunately, anyone who is injured in an accident with an 18 wheeler can file a personal injury claim against the person responsible for the injuries.

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The Importance of Preserving Evidence After a Truck Accident

Your chances of receiving fair compensation after a Missouri truck accident are greatly increased when you have sufficient evidence to back up your claims. It’s crucial to secure and preserve evidence right after an accident. The insurance companies involved in your case may only preserve the evidence they want to. Important pieces of evidence may never be preserved if you aren’t proactive about securing it. Trucking companies often   have first response teams that are skilled at investigating and collecting the evidence they want.

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Five Important Pieces of Evidence that Need Be Preserved after a Missouri Truck Accident

To receive fair compensation after a Missouri truck accident, it is important to secure certain documents from the truck driver and the truck company. Driver logs, delivery receipts, bills of lading, any other similar documents can help prove your case against a negligent truck company and its driver. The more evidence you secure, the better your chances are of recovering the money you are entitled to for your injuries.

Additional evidence includes:

  1. Physical evidence from the crash. This may include roadway debris, photos of any skid marks, damaged property, and evidence of environmental conditions at the time of the crash. If you cannot secure evidence because of your injuries, have someone gather it for you.

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