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Pedestrian-Train Collisions Increase in Missouri

Missouri Pedestrian AccidentIn 2014 there was an increase in the number of pedestrian casualties on railroad tracks in Missouri. According to a recent news report in Semo Times, 20 pedestrians were killed on train tracks in Missouri in 2014. That is a 25 percent increase from the previous year. Collisions between vehicles and trains remained the same with 48 crashes and two fatalities.

Trains take a long time to slow down, so if you are walking or driving over a train track, you must make sure a train is not coming. When driving over train tracks:

  • Avoid getting trapped on the tracks by only crossing where it is safe to do so.
  • Keep in mind that a train is three feet wider than the tracks, so you don’t want to stop too close to the tracks.
  • If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, get out and call local law enforcement.
  • Remember that a train can come by at any time of day.
  • Watch out for a second train that may be close behind.
  • Keep in mind that trains often travel faster than they look.
  • Use designated crossing areas.

When walking over or near train tracks in Missouri:

  • Do not walk on railroad property. It is considered trespassing and it is extremely dangerous.
  • Only cross at designated roadway crossings.
  • Do not assume it is safe to cross immediately after a train passes. A second train may have been blocked by the first.
  • Obey lowered gates. Do not walk under a lowered gate just because the train has passed.
  • When walking near a track, put your phone away, take off your headphones, and focus on your surroundings.
  • Do not use train tracks for photos and do not fish or hunt from railroad bridges.
  • Avoid walking near train tracks when you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

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