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Defective Products that Can Cause Serious Injuries – Part II

Defective Product Lawyers in MOIn part I of this blog series, we explored how defective car parts, medications, medical devices, and children’s toys can cause serious injuries. Here are few other common consumer products that could pose risks if defective:

Cooking Products and Appliances Cooking typically involves high heat and exposed flames. These conditions present numerous dangers for a cook. Devices like pressure cookers and blenders must be manufactured properly so there is no risk of explosion. Cookware needs to be made from durable and safe materials that do not present a danger when eaten from, and packaging on all products should clearly indicate safe temperature ranges for use in cooking.

Children’s Furniture Furniture specifically meant for children typically needs to have greater care in its design and manufacture. Kids are often harder on furniture than adults. Beds, chairs, and tables for children need to be able to handle a reasonable level of abuse. Foldable chairs and other foldable items should be designed so they do not collapse under the weight of a child. Items designed for climbing should be able to support a child’s weight and sturdy enough to not tip over.

Nursery Products While furniture and toys for children should be safe, products designed for use in a nursery are often held to an even higher standard. Cribs and beds for babies must be secure and made using materials that are safe. Moving objects, like sliding rails, should be designed to avoid pinching and remain secure when not being moved by an adult. The consequences of defects in nursery products can be disastrous, so extra care should always be taken by their manufacturers.

Appliances Large and small appliances need to be designed free of defects that cause shocks and explosions. Appliances typically use electricity and they need to handle a standard current and also deal with a surge in power. While a surge might render an item inoperable, it should not cause the appliance to explode or catch on fire. Appliances should operate only when activated by a user, and the materials used to make them must be safe and properly designed to avoid burns,1 crush injuries,2 and lacerations.

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