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The Costs of Treating a Brain Injury

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Brain injuries can result from almost any type of accident, including falls, car crashes, motorcycle or bicycle collisions, and workplace injuries, among many others. While brain injuries can range from mild concussions1 to severe traumatic brain injuries2 that cause permanent impairments, everyone who has suffered a head trauma should seek a medical evaluation. Any degree of brain injury should be properly treated to avoid complications and further injury.

Like any other type of medical treatment, treating a brain injury can be costly. The following are some examples of treatment for an accidental brain injury.

Emergency medical care – Many people who hit their head go to the emergency department, especially if they have lost consciousness as a result. For severe brain injuries, a victim may be unconscious for an extended period of time and may require emergency transportation in an ambulance.

Hospitalization – Patients with serious brain injuries will likely be admitted to the hospital for monitoring and stabilization. Some people may need to be placed in a medically-induced coma while they recover.

Surgery – There are some circumstances in which surgery is needed to help a brain injury victim. Surgical procedures can remove objects from the brain, can repair a fractured skull, can remove hematomas, and can insert monitors in the brain to measure intracranial pressure.

Rest – Even if you do not require surgery or hospitalization, your doctor will almost certainly advise you to rest – both physically and mentally – until your brain injury completely heals. This can mean missing work or school, which can cause you to lose income or fall behind in your program or career path.

Rehabilitative therapy – There are many types of rehabilitative therapy that can help brain injury victims. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, vocational therapy, and physical therapy are only some examples of the ongoing treatment victims may need to regain certain abilities after a brain injury.

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